Our Favorite Two-Piece Sets to Wear Post Tan

Hi babes!

Happy 2020! This year, one of our main goals is to connect and share more with our clients, and what better way to do so than through a blog! So let's dive right in...

It may have crossed your mind at one point or another, but I always catch myself asking in my head: "What the hell can I wear after getting sprayed that won't make me look like a total bum?". The answer? SETS! And while this isn't really groundbreaking news, I legitimately have just never thought of wearing anything other than a pair of massive sweats and a hoodie.

Many clients ask if what they wear after a spray tan actually matters, and it does! Tight things like leggings and bras will rub away the bronzer, resulting in a splotchy and uneven tan. The key is to wear dark, loose-fitted clothing up until your initial rinse, and what better way to do that than with an adorable set!

So pour yourself some wine, do a little shopping, and book yourself a mid-winter glow that you so well deserve!




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